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Advantages of choosing an electricity contract with Endesa


Prices for power equal to or less than 15 kW

  Prices excluding taxes* Including 10% VAT + Electric taxes + dto. Including 21% VAT + Electric taxes + dto.
Power charge during peak hours (€/kW and year) 36,391656 41,551993 45,707192
Power charge during off-peak hours (€/kW and year) 11,968848 13,666031 15,032634
Term energy prices (€/kWh) with 20% + 2% for activating digital invoicing 0,215435 0,211126 0,241064 0,245984 0,270582 0,265170

*Prices excluding taxes with a 20% discount on electricity consumption forever and with no minimum duration. This promotion is not valid in Ceuta and Melilla. For electricity, the electricity tax will be added (3,8% or the minimum amount of 0.5 €/MWh or 1 €/MWh, as appropriate). To the result, VAT (21% or 10% as applicable), IGIC (Canary Islands 0% or 3%, and 7% as applicableor IPSI (Ceuta and Melilla: 4% and 1% as applicablewill be added.To the prices will be added the regulated cost associated with the financing mechanism of the social bonus: Fixed cost per customer (commercialization) of 0.006282€/day (Peninsula and Balearic Islands: 0.00708296€/day or 0.00779125€/day depending on the tax rate applicable in each case; Canary Islands: 0.00643905€/day for domestic customers with power under 10kW and, for all other cases, 0.00663222€/day; Ceuta and Melilla: 0.00650344€/day; all the above amounts include taxes applicable at the effective date of these prices).

Frequent questions

Endesa's Tempo Happy tariff offers you hours of free electricity.

The option you choose will depend on your consumption habits. For example, if you can concentrate your consumption during two hours a day, because of your daily routine and because you are always at home during these two hours, we recommend you choose the Happy hours tariff.

For example, if you have a weekend house, you might be interested in the Happy day option.

Finally, if you do not know how much you are consuming or do not have any specific routines, the Happy 50 option is the perfect one for you. With this option, Endesa will choose the 50 hours during which you have consumed the most per month and will not charge you during this period.

Yes. In addition to the free electricity option you choose, you will receive a 20% discount on your consumption, as follows:

- 10% discount on consumption forever

- 10% discount on consumption during the first year.

This promotion is valid for existing and new electricity customers with 2.0TD tariffs who sign up with Endesa Energía during the validity period stipulated in the legal terms and conditions of the promotion.


The price per kWh during hours outside the Happy hour period does not change.

The Happy tariff caters to your needs and your consumption habits. We tend to concentrate most of our electricity consumption around certain times of the day (when we are at home). Therefore, by choosing this tariff, the electricity you consume during this time interval (happy hours) will not be charged to you. By doing so, you will make meaningful savings on your electricity bills.

Currently, the new remotely managed meters allow you to access your consumption per hour from "Mi Endesa". You can check how much electricity you use and identify the Happy hours that best suit you.

You need to have a remotely managed meter and access tariff 2.0TD selected to choose the Tempo Happy tariff.

This depends on your consumption habits, but according to Red Eléctrica de España, the most common time at which electricity is consumed in Spain is between 20:00 and 22:00 during winter time and between 21:00 and 23:00 during summer time.

Think about when you consume most electricity at home and choose the option that best suits you.

If you choose this option, Endesa checks the 50 hours in which you consumed most electricity during a month, and on the next bill, the electricity consumed during these hours is free. Just like that, you do not have to worry about choosing them, as we will calculate this for you.

The number of Happy hours will be proportional to the days included in the billing period.

This as easy as accessing the information about your electricity consumption in the private area of Mi Endesa, where you can see your happy hours and your hours with the highest consumption.

Remotely managed meters are used to measure the hourly consumption of households.

If you do not receive a monthly bill, we will reallocate the consumption to provide you with the equivalent amount. For example, if you receive a bill every 15 days, you will not be charged for the 25 hours with the highest electricity consumption. If you receive a bill every two months, you will have 100 hours.

El número de horas Happy será proporcional a los días incluidos en el periodo facturado.

Yes, you can change the mode of the Happy tariff as many times as you want, either from Mi Endesa or by calling our customer service. We will help you choose the best option for you.

And there is no additional cost.

Please note that changes will only be made effective after the start of each billing period. That is, the last option you have selected before you are billed will be applied.

No, you do not need to change anything, since the Tempo Happy tariff adapts to your consumption routines, so you can choose your preferred option. And this is how you can make small savings and pay less on your electricity bill.

We take care of everything, whether you are a new customer or not, and we will activate your contract without interruptions or unexpected events.

Any consumer with a low-voltage electricity contract and with a contracted power of up to 15 kW.

The Tempo Happy tariff requires the access tariff 2.0DHA or 2.1DHA; if you do not currently have it, we will make the arrangements to change it.

Yes, but these must be two consecutive hours.

Yes, as in any circumstance, you can trip the PCS if you connect too many appliances and/or devices at the same time and exceed the contracted power.

To prevent this, we recommend you do not connect all of your appliances and/or devices at the same time and leave a few minutes before switching one on after you switch another one off, since the highest power is usually consumed when they are switched on.

You will receive a hard copy of your invoice every two months.

If you choose to receive an electronic bill, you will receive it every month if you already have the remotely managed meter installed. Otherwise, you will receive the bill every two months.

Note: If you are billed with a maximeter (non-interruptible supplies, such as lifts), you will receive a monthly bill.

Note: If you are billed with a maximeter (non-interruptible supplies, such as lifts), you will receive a monthly bill.

Customers with a Social Bonus should not choose this promotion, as the electricity must be contracted with EE and the Social Bonus benefits would be lost.

The Happy tariff contract has a duration of one year and is renewed automatically.

The price may be updated on 1 January each year by the value of the actual CPI (last General Year-on-Year Consumer Price Index officially published at the time of the update), as well as for variations in the current regulated components that apply to electricity and gas supplies, and with possible new changes that may be approved by regulation.

In case of updating with the value of the CPI, the year-on-year CPI for November, published on the website of the National Institute of Statistics ([+https://www.ine.es/+]) will be used. The update will be made by adding to the previous prices the result of multiplying the CPI by those prices. For more information, the year-on-year CPI for November 2022 was 6,8%, the year-on-year CPI for November 2021 was 5,5%, the year-on-year CPI for November 2020 was -0.8% and the year-on-year CPI for November 2019 was 0.4%.

Any changes in the regulated components applicable in the contract (upwards or downwards) will be transferred to the customer. These modifications are regulated, they are totally beyond Endesa's control and apply equally throughout Spain and to all companies.

The price may also be reviewed one year after contracting. If there were any changes, we would let you know one month in advance. Always remember that at any time you can terminate the contract or contract another tariff from Endesa or any other company without penalty.

If you contract electricity with this promotion will there be no minimum duration.


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*Promotion valid until 02/04/2024 for new electricity contracts with Endesa Energía (Access Rates 2.0TD). An indefinite 20% discount will be applied to electricity consumption while the contract remains active. with Endesa Energía. By signing this new contract we inform you that, if you comply with the requirements to qualify for the Social Bonus, you will not be able to qualify. Nor can the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers (PVPC).

(1)Customers who register for this promotion will be rewarded for possible reductions in consumption during the calendar quarters of 2023 and subsequently compared to consumption in the calendar quarters for a reference quarter that is established as the year prior to participation. Maximum discount: €150 per Challenge. Maximum savings discounted: 25% of your Reference Consumption. Legal Terms and Conditions Apply.

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